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Practice owners, working harder means you’re more likely to attain success right?
Written by James Neilson-Watt on Feb. 17th 2019
Working harder means you’re more likely to attain success right?

This is why we slave away at screenings and community events and networking event, just with the hope of meeting more potential new patients and clients…

That’s why we work more hours, make ourselves more available so that in the long run we will have a successful practice and from that, we can then have the lifestyle we want…

If I can just see more patients, I will make more money; therefore I will have more time to go to my kid's sports games, spend time on dates with my wife my husband, more vacations with the family.

If I can just work that bit harder to get more new patients, then I will have the patient volume to make money to live the life I want.

This is what I used to believe, and it’s what so many of us still believe about running a practice.

The things is, working hard is rewarded at school, in university and in general by most of the people around us.

You must work hard because if you don’t how can you succeed?

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

Do you know how many practice owners I talk to who are burnt out?

Who are sick of the grind of owning a practice?

Who just want to stop the struggle of having to find and retain patients, but they have no idea how to, and they feel stuck like they would rather sell their practice and work for someone else instead?

If working harder brought success then we wouldn’t the hardest working people have the most success?

Sorry if you believe that but I’m here to pop your bubble…

The hard work you're doing is great, it’s admirable. But what if I was able to get the same result as you with half the work?

Would you hate me? Or you want to know what I was doing?

I live by a simple mantra, “work smarter not harder”…

People have long called me lazy… usually, they are the people who are working dumber, not smarter…

Because if I could find a simpler way of doing something I would, because why should I struggle if there is an easier way? That makes no sense?

Now, I’m all for working hard, but you have to be working hard on the right things, the things that get you to your desired outcome.

And you have to be working hard in an efficient way.

It’s like if you and I were both sitting a math test, a difficult math test that required high-level math. Now imagine we were equally good at math, but I had a calculator to speed up the time it took me to do the basic stuff which meant I had more time to do the complicated stuff. Do you think I would make fewer mistakes than you, get more answers correct, and finish faster with less effort? Of course I would.

It’s the same reason why we don’t plough fields with our hands anymore, we have huge machines to do it.

It’s is the same thing when it comes to attracting high quality new patients into our practices…

Why should I spend hours at a market, or running workshops, or networking, or paying thousands of dollars to some marketing agency, when I can have a simple automated new patient marketing system that brings new patients to me while I sleep, while I watch a movie with my wife, while I go to the gym, heck, while I just live my life…

Those hours you spend working hard to attract new patients, I spend doing the things I love and the things that actually make money in the practice like seeing the people.

Which means I can work 3.5 days a week, and have the lifestyle and income I want, without the stress.

That is success.

Success isn’t made by how hard you work, how much money you have, how many patients you have. It’s measured by how you feel about yourself, your business, your life.

And trust me, if I could give you a way to halve your hours, and see the same amount of people, you'd do it in a heartbeat…

When I first started learning this stuff, I had no idea what I was doing, I had no mentor to teach me.

But you’re lucky, you have me…

I’m here to shorten the time it takes you to learn and master this stuff so you can do it all for yourself. No fluff, just what works.

With me to guide you, what took me 5 years, will take you less than 3 months…

So check out this free training I created and learn how you can stop the stress of finding high-quality new patients: www.jamesneilsonwatt.com/free-case-study

It's going to change your life.

Dr James Neilson-Watt

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